Butterfly Coffee Cup
Butterfly Coffee Cup
May 14, 2020
Zhejiang Discover Machinery is committed to designing and customizing production equipment for customers' specially designed paper cup containers.

In 2016, there was an Irish customer came to our company with a paper cup design idea. This paper cup is different from the traditional paper cup: its buckled part can be folded to form a lid connected to the back, because of its fan-shaped sheet is unlike ordinary paper cups, back-body molding is more difficult than ordinary paper cups. We designed a unique mold for it, improved the design of the original paper cup machine, and developed a machine that specializes in producing such paper cups.

In the two years since the cooperation, customers have continuously improved the design of this paper cup in response to market requirements. We have supported customers with our strong design and development capabilities, and have also improved the corresponding production equipment. Now the paper cup has been successfully introduced to the market, and good feedback has been obtained.
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