About Our Company

  • What is your product?
    What do you produce?
    What is your main business?

    A:We are a manufacturer of paper cup and container forming machine.

  • How long have you be in this business?
    Would you tell me something about the history of your company?

    A:Our company was established in 1998, at the beginning we produce and supply machinery parts for the local companies, we start to manufacture paper cup machine in 2008, now we have been one of the leading company in China.

  • How many people in your company?
    How many SQM of your factory?
    Where is your company(factory)?

    A:Our company is in Pinghu, a city next to Shanghai, it is less than 1 hour from our factory to Shanghai downtown by driving. We have a factory about 20000 SQM, and 150 staff.

  • How long is your working time for the workers?

    We work 2 shifts 8 hours per shift.


About Products

  • What machines do you produce?

    We produce paper cup forming machines for ordinary paper cups from 2oz – 170oz, we also produce the machine for some special designed cups, like the butterfly cup, double wall cup, embossed wall cup, and cups with square top or bottom. Besides, we also produce cup inspection machine and packing machine.

  • What is capacity of this machine?
    Tell me something about this machine?
    What is the main information for this machine?

    A: This is our newest machine, with different molds, it could produce paper cups from 2-16oz at a speed 120-140 pieces per min. This speed is the fastest in China for a medium speed paper cup machine.

  • Can this machine produce cups with all the sizes from 2—16oz?

    One machine normally only produce one size of cups, but you could change molds for produce cups with different sizes, but changing the mold will take you from half to 3days, because when you change all the mold to produce another size, you need to adjust and commission.

  • Can this machine produce double wall cups?

    A: No, this machine could only produce the inner cup, if you want to produce a double wall cup, or you want to put another layer on the cup, you need to use outer machine which we also produce, including the normal one, and the one for embossing outer layer.

  • Could the design of embossing change, will you design it for us?

    We could make different spear parts for different embossing design,but we don’t design it ourselves, our customer will design it and give it to us for making the parts.

  • Are all of the parts of the machine produced by yourself?
    Do you produce all of the parts of the machine?

    A:All the machinery parts was made by ourselves in our factory, we purchase the electronic parts from different suppliers, they are all famous companies, like NSK, ABB, Keyence and so on.

  • What is the production capacity of your factory?
    How many machines could you produce per month?

    A: We could produce 250 – 300 machines per months.

  • What your inspection machine for?
    What items the inspection machine inspect(check)?
    Is this machine for leaking inspection?

    A:The inspection machine is for checking the shape and dirt spot of the cup,you could set the parameter of the size of the dirt spot and the machine will automatically kick out the unqualified one. This machine could not check the leaking problem.

  • How to check the leaking problem?
    Is there machine could automatically do the leaking inspection?

    A:There is reagent for leak detection. Normally we check the leaking when machine commission, as long as the machine was adjusted well, there will be no leaking problem. As I know these is a machine could automatically check the leaking by water pressure invented by Japanese company, but that machine is really expensive. People will think about the necessity of buying such a machine.


About Sales And Service

  • What is the price of XXX machine?
    How long is the production period?

    A:75 days.

  • What is the prices for?
    What does the price include?

    The price is for the machine which include a set of mold for one size of cup, a cup collecting table, and some spear parts for wearing parts.

  • What is the payment terms?

    A:Normally we will require 30% T/T for down payment and the balance T/T before loading. L/C will also considerable.

  • Why your price is so high?

    A:Our price is not expensive,our price is in the same level of other best Chinese brands for the paper cup machine. What we promise is to use the best material and parts for the machine, we will not cut the corners when we produce the product. We could give some discounts under some special condition, but our price is fit for the quality of the machine.

  • What is the guarantee of the machine?
    How long is the guarantee period of your machine?
    Do you have branch office in XXX?
    Will you help for installation and commission?
    Any other questions for after sales service.

    A: This is the after sale service we will provide, please have a look, I can send you one together with the detail information to you by mail.

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