KFC 10L Family Meal Bucket
KFC 10L Family Meal Bucket
May 27, 2020
At the end of 2017, friends who are more familiar with KFC will see the launch of a new family bucket product, which uses a 10-liter paper tube that is larger than the previous family bucket. It is produced using a newly designed machine from Zhejiang Discover Machinery.  

Paper cups and paper tubes have similar specifications and capacities in the world, because from the process, these common specifications are the easiest to produce and have the lowest equipment requirements. The larger the product, the stricter the requirements for its molding equipment. The more difficult it is to complete molding, bonding, and maintaining the dimensional accuracy of each part of the cup shape.

It took us more than half a year to develop special molding equipment for KFC's new products. During this period, we test, improve, and retest. We made great efforts and finally completed the customer's requirements. Made its own contribution by launching its new product.
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